Coaching Team
Our 2014 incredible Coaching Line Up includes 
Andreas Toelzer, Mark Huizinga, Aleksei Budolin & Sergei Aschwanden.
Andreas Toelzer

After winning an impressive bronze medal at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, Andreas only recently retired from Judo in the over 100kg category after his last debut at the World Championships in Rio 2013. He is still fighting for Germany's top Bundesligaclub TSV Abensberg along with fellow Pro Judo coach Ilias Iliadis. Andreas successfully applied for the position as Assistant Sports Development Manager at the German Bundeswehr in Cologne.

His success story includes a bronze medal at the Olympics London 2012, a silver medal at the World Championships in Paris 2011 and 2010 in Tokyo, European Champion 2006, 3 European bronze medals in 2010, 2007 and 2003 and various titles and medals at Grand Prix, etc.  


For 15 years I competed at all major judo championships. I have won among others five European titles and three Olympic medals, of which the gold medal at the 2000 Olympic Games is my best result. After the 2008 Beijing Olympics I retired from competition as the reigning European champion.

I started judo when I was four years old in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands. At the age of sixteen I realized I wanted to become the best. Since then I lived a life of judo for twenty years.

Now that I retired from competition, I try to share my knowledge and experience that a life of top judo has given me. Sometimes I teach young children, sometimes I train talented youngsters and sometimes I share my experience with leading figures in sports or business

Sharing my experience

I am a fully certified judo teacher and I have been given judo clinics on a regular basis for the past 15 years. Those clinics are always different. Sometimes I work with a small group of adults who have never stepped onto a judo mat and sometimes I face a group of 300 eager and talented judokas.

Each group and each individual deserves its own approach. Safety and having fun come first! For a beginner it is a surprising experience to put on a judo suit, step onto the mat and feel what it is like to grab someone, to throw or take someone in a holddown.

For advanced judokas it is interesting to learn the in-depth details of professional judo. In 15 years of top judo I have mastered a large arsenal of techniques. But sometimes small adjustments can result in big improvements! I have always been a judoka who analyses techniques, opponents and possibilities, for the good of my own results. Now that I retired from competition I focus more on teaching and training. It is great to be able to help people improving their game, at any level.

Our third coach for this year is Sergei Aschwanden from Switzerland. It is said that the philosopher's stone had the power to change base metals into gold. One might think that Sergei Aschwanden had inherited this special gift, he who made Switzerland jump for joy during the Beijing Games by clinching a bronze medal with gilded contours. For him, this medal represented the culmination of an incredibly successful career and record of achievment, at both national and international level. Double gold medal winner at the European Championships (2000 and 2003 in the under 81kg category), two third places in 2005 and 2006, bronze medal winner at the Munich World Championships in 2001, then silver at the ones in Osaka in 2003, this native of Bussigny chose to bring down the curtain on his career in the sweetest of ways ( Jean-Frederic Debetaz)

Aleksei Budolin

We are delighted to welcome Aleksei Budolin back to the coaching line up in Heidelberg. He previously coached at 2 other Pro Judo Camps in Dublin and demonstrated fantastic techniques to our participants. Below are only a couple of his incredible results in his successful judo career. 

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Pro Judo Camp Heidelberg 2014 with Ilias Iliadis, Ole Bischof, Craig Fallon, Mark Huizinga, Sergei Aschwanden, Aleksei Budolin, Euan Burton, Andreas Toelzer

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